• 2-RPM-Bodine-NYS-12R-Replacement-Gear-Alternate-View
  • 2 RPM Bodine NYS-12R Replacement view with gear
  • 2 RPM Bodine NYS-12R Replacement

Mechanical Specifications

The MOVT-BDMI is a 2 RPM drive unit designed to directly replace a Bodine NYS-12R Motor. The Bodine NYS-12R was a popular addition in the 1930’s to the 1960’s in mechanical tower clock movements to provide synchronous electrification for accurate timekeeping without winding. Simply swap your existing drive motor’s pinion on to the output shaft of the BDMI, connect to the clock control, and go!

This drive unit shares the same mounting footprint, output shaft location, output shaft diameter, and output shaft speed as the traditional Bodine right-angle drive motors. This unit is designed to be paired with our 99B-MI clock controller.

2 RPM output (Run time of 6 sec per minute)
5/16″ (7.938mm) output shaft
Slower outputs are also available with custom vanes.

A 1RPM unit is also available P/N MOVT-MI-1RPM-375


Electrical Specifications
24VAC – 50/60 HZ – 300 mA – 7W

99B Control required for operation.

With the inclusion of the 99B control, the tower clock is now capable of automatic reset following power outages and for adjusting to daylight saving time changes.

You can find additional information on other designs on our main tower clock movement overview page.

Additional information is available in the documentation tab above.

Photos below depict the Bodine NYS-12R motor installed in a round top movement prior to retrofitting




Data Sheets

Data Sheets

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