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A Street Clock, or Post Clock as they are also known, is a free-standing, two or four-sided clock, on top of a post. They can be found on main streets, golf courses, country clubs, schools, back yards, and banks. Originally the clocks contained mechanical clock movements, located in the base or in a vault below the clock, which needed to be wound periodically. The modern electric clocks are set manually or by automatic clock controllers. Street Clocks were once used as the Town clock – creating a common time source for everyone. Traditionally installed by jewelers, Street Clocks were also used as signage. Your pocket watch could be set to the correct time shown on the Street Clock and if your watch wasn’t functioning correctly you could visit the jeweler’s service department. Street or Post Clocks were also commonly used by banks and retailers. These traditions carry through today.

Electric Time Company’s fully equipped two or four dial Street Clocks are perfect for many uses. They are an ideal accent to a School, Mall, or Town, and make a special memorial or dedication to a loved one or Veteran.

Street Clock Two Dial Historical
Two Dial Street Clock – located in front of our 1940’s factory

A wide variety of Street Clock styles are available. Clocks have LED backlighting or edgelighting. A wide range of dial markings and hands, along with special dial lettering and graphics are available.

Since 1918 Service & Support – Electric Time has been manufacturing street clocks since Henry Warren’s original electric clock patent of 1918. Electric Time can still fix products more than 80 years old. No other firm in almost any industry can offer this service.

Cast in Aluminum – Our street clocks are typically made of aluminum. Aluminum provides a stronger, sturdier clock that is not likely to need any repairs or upkeep. The aluminum clock will be around for 100 years+.

Street Clock Manufacturing
Image above Post Clocks, available for your project with quick turnaround.

Integrated Manufacturing

Electric Time manufactures the clock movements, the clock controller and the entire clock. We can provide parts for your clock, whether it is two, twenty or eighty years old. Our clock movements are made of brass and stainless steel; they will not rust and will provide decades of reliable operation.Raised Lettering– Unique in the industry, Electric Time Company provides raised 3/16″ thick aluminum letters on all headers and saddles. We do not use vinyl or stick on plastic.

Street Clock Raised Header Lettering
Example of our Waterjet Cut Aluminum Lettering.

Tempered Glass Crystals– We provide clear tempered glass crystals to protect the faces on our street clocks. This is the same glass as used in the side windows on your car; it will never yellow. We do not recommend polycarbonate (Lexan) as it will yellow in a relatively short time. If you are in an area with vandalism problems, we can provide an alternative material or polycarbonate if required.

Left – aged polycarbonate crystal removed during clock renovation. Right – warped & scratched polycarbonate crystal

Quality Finish – We apply a quality paint system made by PPG, the world’s leading coating manufacturer, on your street clock. The paint system consists of four parts:

  • Acid etch primer over the base casting
  • Catalyzed polyurethane paint applied in three steps:
    • Base color
    • Highlighting color
    • Sealer for protection

This paint system has been tested by an internationally known paint testing lab for weathering, light stability and corrosion. Test results are available upon request.

For a detailed color chart, please visit our Color Chart Page.

Tower Clock UL and CUL ListingUL & CUL Listed – Electric Time Company lists its street clocks under both UL and CUL (Canadian UL) standards.

Battery Option – No power? No problem. We solve your electricity issue with our battery powered street clock. Option available for most of our street clocks.

Options –  Protective Bollards, black on white dials, Gold leafed highlighting, Dedication and Donor Plaques, Color Changing Lighting (RGB)  and  Organization and Corporate Logos.

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