DGA-C1 Tower Clock Dial Gear Assemblies

DGA-C1 Tower Clock Dial Gear Assemblies 96″ (244 cm) and under. Also known as “tower clock motion works”.

  • DGA-C1 Front View
  • DGA-C1 Side View
  • DGA-C1 Rear View
  • DGA C1 Dial Gear Assembly
  • tower-clock-motion-works
  • Tower-Clock-Dial-Mechanism
  • four-dial-tower-clock-mechanism
Part Number: DGA-C1.
Category: .

Mechanical Specifications
Up to 96″ (240 CM) unprotected hands
Up to 144″(370 CM) protected hands

Compatible with our XMI 4-way tower clock movement for dials up to and including 72″ (213cm) in diameter, and our XXMI over 72″ (213cm). Can be used for replacement of existing mechanical tower clock dial gear assemblies. Stainless steel hour hand shaft and minute hand tube. Anodized aluminum extension bearing. Aluminum Case.

  • Clamp collar for easy mounting and adjustment.
  • Three (3) Standard Shaft lengths.
  • Standard C1 Style Clamp Hand Hubs.
  • Accessories available: Shafting, universal joints and slide coupling.

Smaller Size b28 Style shown here.

Additional information available in the documentation tab above.



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