240″ (610 cm) and under Minute Impulse Tower Clock Movement

  • Great American Park Tower Clock (Cincinnati Reds)
  • AT&T Park Tower Clock (San Francisco Giants)
  • Venetian Hotel – Las Vegas, NV
Part Number: MOVT-5MI.
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Style #5 Tower clock drive continuously manufactured since 1928. Originally with Telechron Type C5M M2712 Rotors and coils.

Mechanical Specifications 
Up to 240″ Dial Unprotected Hands
Contact factory for specific application

24VAC – 50/60 HZ – 200 mA – 5W

Also available manual rear set
115V/230V 50/60HZ

You can find additional information on other designs on our main tower clock movement overview page.

99B Control required for operation.

Additional information available in the documentation tab above.



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