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200 Fifth Avenue Street Clock Restoration
200 Fifth Avenue Street Clock Restoration

In addition to manufacturing new tower clocks and street clocks – Electric Time offers restoration or repair of your existing tower or street clock. Our services range from providing new clock movements for an existing installation, to supplying hands and dial markings for existing mechanical tower clocks, to complete restoration of your existing tower or street clock.

Parts and service are available for all tower and street clocks we have made since the late 1920s and on Telechron tower clock movements dating back to 1918.

Electric Time Company provides complete in-house design and fabrication capabilities. We can work with any metal, provide custom glass dials, and can repair or replace damaged or missing cast pieces. Our artisans can create or re-create one-of-a-kind parts to provide a complete package.

We have recreated lost bronze statues, matched translucent cast glass, repaired and re-glazed cast iron clock dials, provided all new clock movements for a major transit facility, recreated missing historical clocks, and reused existing clocks on new facilities.

View some representative projects from the photos below, or view more detailed blog entries on our Street Clock Restoration or Tower Clock Restoration projects.

Local service and installation are also available upon request.

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