108″ (274 cm) and under Minute Impulse Tower Clock Movement

  • Rockefeller Center Tower Clock
  • Concordia Language Villages Tower Clock
  • Riverside New Jersey Tower Clock Restoration
  • Harvard University Tower Clock
Part Number: MOVT-C1MI.
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The C1MI Tower Clock Movement is a 24VAC minute impulse movement specifically engineered to power up to 96 inches (2.44 meters) of exposed hands or 144 inches (3.65 meters) of indoor or protected hands. Its hour and minute hand shafts are stainless steel, while all bearing surfaces are composite, eliminating the need for periodic oiling or lubrication. The shafting size and format are compatible with our original design dating back to 1928.

Mechanical Specifications
Up to 96″ Dial Unprotected hands
Up to 144″ Dial Protected hands

Electrical Specifications
24VAC – 50/60 HZ – 250 mA – 6W

You can find additional information on other designs on our main tower clock movement page.

99B Control required for operation.

Mounting Options shown here.

Additional information available in the documentation tab above.



How to set a C1 Style movement manually from the rear

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