Tower Clock Movements

Tower Clock Movement
#7 Tower Clock Movement in manufacturing facility

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Electric Time Company manufacturers a comprehensive line of tower clock movements. Tower clock movements or outdoor clock movements are available for interior or exterior clocks from 12″ (30 cm) to 40′ (12 meters).

These tower clock movements are used in our own complete tower clock and street clock assemblies. We can also supply them for new or existing clocks. We can provide custom tower clock movements for your specific application. Some special applications; a rapid set mechanism for a Broadway Show controlled by a computer, thermometer indicator, barometer indicator, humidity indicator, wind speed indicator, tide indicator , phase of the moon, day of the week, day of the month, and month and backwards clock. Most designs can be provided with a Sweep Second hand.

Our DGA-C1 Dial Gear assembly can be used on existing tower clocks with a mechanical or electrical central motion drive, or with one of our central drive tower clock movements.

RF transparent tower clocks are also available for cell phone tower installations.   Typically this consists of  clock hands and dial markings made of RF transparent material. Also available is a RF transparent clock movement and couplings.

Retrofit solutions for historical tower clock movements are also available. Our MOVT-MI-1RPM-375 and MOVT-BDMI work with our 99B-MI control to provide accurate timekeeping while retaining the majority of the existing tower clock movement’s mechanical components. The MOVT-MI-1RPM-375 utilizes a 3/8” dia output shaft and allows the installer to customize placement and power transmission method. Such methods include but are not limited to gear, chain, and belt drive.

The MOVT-BDMI offers a drop in replacement for previously electrified tower clock movements that utilize a 2 RPM Bodine Motor NSY-12R. The BDMI has an identical mounting pattern, shaft location, shaft diameter (5/16”), and RPM. When paired with the 99B-MI clock controller, this unit will help your historical tower clock movements to keep perfect time.

We can also provide retro-fit clock movement kits for existing O.B. McClintock Bracket and Street Clocks. All tower clocks can be set by our 99BMI Automatic Tower Clock Control or on special order either manual set or controlled by an RS-485 interface. Please click on the links on the left or the table below for additional information on each product.

Electric Time Company Natick Factory
#5 Tower Clock Movement at our 1950s Natick Facility.
street clock movement
H-MI Clock movement being manufactured
Tower Clock MechanismH-MIHS 115/230B28MIB28 115/230C1MIC1 115/230#4MI#5MI#7MI
Maximum Dial Diameter in (mm)Protected30 (760)30 (760)60 (1500)60 (1500)144 (3660)144 (3660)180 (4750)240 (6100)480 (12190)
UnprotectedNot available Not available 48 (1200)48 (1200)96 (2440)96 (2440)180 (4750)240 (6100)480 (12190)
Mounting4 HoleXXXX
Center MountXXXX
Front AccessXXXXXXX
OptionsSweep SecondXXXXXX
Illuminated HandsXXXX
Floral ClockXXXX
Backwards (CCW)XXXXXXX
Rapid SetX

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