4MI 1RPH Movement

1 RPH Output Mechanical Drive System.

  • Springfield Armory
  • Tower Clock Drive 1RPH Front View
  • Tower Clock Drive 1RPH Side View
  • Tower Clock Drive 1RPH Rear View
Part Number: MOVT-4MI-DRV.
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1 RPH Output Mechanical Drive System. Used to electrify existing monumental clock dial gear assemblies. Also used to replace Simplex Model 101-569 Tower Clock Movement & Type 564-2 Tower Clock Movement

Mechanical Specifications
Up to 180″ Dial Unprotected Hands
Contact factory for specific application

Electrical Specifications
24VAC – 50/60 HZ – 300 mA – 7W

You can find additional information on other designs on our main tower clock movement overview page.

99B Control required for operation.

Additional information available in the documentation tab above.




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