Tower Clock Manufacturing - Outdoor Flush Design

Tower Clock Manufacturers

Tower Clock Manufacturing - Outdoor Flush Design
Outdoor Tower Clock in our manufacturing facility being placed on test

When accuracy and quality are important, choose your tower clock manufacturers wisely. A wise choice is Electric Time Company, Inc.  Electric Time has been manufacturing tower clocks since the late 1920’s and continues to build the entire product – from clock movements to control equipment to the clock itself.

Tower clock manufacturers provide step by step assistance with the design, manufacturing, installation, and operation processes. Working with the architect or contractor, the tower clock manufacturer helps select and design the clock, specific to the building. Drawings, renderings and photographs are provided, along with specifications and samples.

In-house engineers provide the factory with bill of material lists, construction detail drawings, and personal oversight of the entire clock manufacturing process. Each project is assigned to an engineer, who follows it through to its completion. After comprehensive testing and careful packing the tower clock is shipped to its final desination. Electric Time Company clocks ship worldwide.

After completion, a tower clock manufacturer provides a warranty for the clock equipment. At Electric Time we also provide technical support at no additional charge. Our thousands of happy customers can attest to our quality products and knowledgeable staff. We have been tower clock manufacturers for nearly 100 years and it shows!

Electric Time Company is proud to support  manufacturing in Massachusetts in partnership with MASSMEP  the Massachusetts  Manufacturing center which was formed by a cooperative agreement between the Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) under the Department of Commerce

Proudly made in the USA! Electric Time Company, Inc. is the tower clock manufacturer to choose! Let us show you why – call 508-359-4396 or email and we will provide our expertise for your project.

Street Clock Manufacturing - Gold Leafing - Metal Casting

Gold leaf being applied to a cast aluminum street clock.

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Assembly Process


Silhouette clock manufacturing process

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