RF Transparent Tower Clock Dial Gear Assemblies

RF Transparent Tower Clock Dial Gear Assemblies.

  • RF-Transparent-Tower-Clock-Installation
  • RF Transparent Clock Tower
  • RF transparent Tower Clock Movements
  • RF transparent Tower Clock Hands

Mechanical Specifications
Up to 72″ (183 CM) unprotected hands

RF transparent dial gear assembly for cell phone tower installations that require a completely RF transparent clock face. This allows cellular phone antennas to be concealed directly behind the clock face and mechanism. RF transparent dial markings and clock faces also available Compatible with XMI 4-way tower clock movement.

  • RF transparent clock hands.
  • RF transparent shafts.
  • RF transparent gears.
  • RF transparent coupling.
  • RF transparent clock dials.
  • RF transparent dial markings.

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