6700 Round Double Dial Backlighted

15″/38CM-48″/122CM BACKLIGHTED

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  • Double Dial Exterior Clock in window mullion
  • City of Windsor, ON Canada
  • Double-Dial-Exterior-Clock
  • Ashland Town Clock – Ashland, MA
  • Tower Clock with RGB Lighting
  • Kingston Station – Boston, MA
  • Double-Faced-Lighted-Tower-Clock
Part Number: 67XX.
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Double Dial Canister tower clock design available in sizes from 15″ to 48″. Features include:

  • Larger Sizes available.
  • Completely weathertight ready to mount to a saddle or frame.
  • 4100K (Soft White) Backlighting. LEDs used on sizes from 18″ thru 36″,  42″ and above use high efficiency 24,000  hour extended life lamps.
  • 3000K (Warm White) 3500K (Off White) lamps available along with 4100K LED backlighting.
  • Also available with color-changing RGB LEDs
  • Double or Single Stem mounting saddle.
  • For square see Style 3700.
  • Shown with Type “WS” hands and Custom Dial Markings.
  • Available with any of our dial markings and hands, or ones of your own design.

Tower Clock UL and CUL ListingUL & CUL Listed
Electric Time Company lists its tower clocks under both UL and CUL (Canadian UL) standards.

99B Control required for operation. Sizes 30″ and under available with battery controller.

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