6500 Round Semi-flush

15″/38CM-48″/122CM UNLIGHTED

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Part Number: 65XX.
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Semi-flush tower clock design available in sizes from 15″ to 48″. Features include:

  • Ready to mount to the surface of a sign cabinet or wall.
  • Masonry ring available for mounting to brick, stone or uneven wood.
  • Illumination if required by customer.
  • For square see Style 3500.
  • Available with any of our dial markings and hands, or ones of your own design.

Tower Clock UL and CUL ListingUL Listed
Electric Time Company lists its tower clocks under both UL and CUL (Canadian UL) standards.

99B Control required for operation. Sizes 30″ and under available with battery controller.

Additional information available in the documentation tab above.



CSI Specifications


1.01      Section Includes

A. Tower Clock Components and Remote Control System.

B. Related Sections

– Basic Materials and Methods: All raceways, junction boxes, conduit wire to be provided by electrical contractor.


2.01      CLOCKS

A. Furnish complete clock system consisting of (N) tower clocks and (1) remote control system.

            “N” is the quantity of clocks required

B. Manufacturer: Electric Time Company, Inc., 97 West Street, Medfield, MA, USA (508)-359-4396/(800)-531-2562 FAX (508)-359-4482 – https://www.electrictime.comsales@electrictime.com

C. Tower Clock Components

Dial: Single sheet (not pieced) translucent mil­ky-white acrylic.

Finishes: Dial markings to have a matte black finish, rings and hands to have a black polyurethane finish.

Hands: As selected by architect.

Dial Markings: As selected by architect.

Movement: Style MI Design. 24VAC drive motor and electronics. 8 second maximum run time. Alternating hall effect switched closed loop minute impulse operation.  Composite lubrication free bearing. Single source: Clock and movement to be manufactured by the same company.

Crystal: Clear, flat tempered glass.

Listing: Provide UL 48 listing on clock assembly

Rings: Aluminum frame.

Style: Style 65XX

            “XX” is the size of clock – available standard sizes are 15”, 24”, 30”, 36”, 42”, 48”

D. Provide Type 99B-MI automatic reset control;

– IP65 Enclosure – Indoor & Outdoor Use

– Automatically resets clock after power failures.

– Automatically resets clocks for daylight savings time (if required)

– Precision Quartz Time base 4 minutes per year maximum drift.

– Optional GPS – no drift.

– Built in 100 year daylight savings time calendar.

– 2 Line 16 character backlighted LCD display.

– ETL listed to UL 863.

– Power Failure Event logging.

– Standard MI output – 4 clocks maximum standard

– Standard 24VDC RP output -20 clocks maximum

– Sweep Second hand output

– Hour Strike Capability.

– RS-232 and RS-485 output ports

– 24 VAC hour strike output – configurable pulse output


3.01      Installation

A. Inspect substrates, supporting items and related conditions, to ensure that they are ready to receive each item, prior to commencement of installation.

B. Install each item at locations indicated on drawings, as detailed, and in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions.

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