100A-RP Clock Controller

The 100A-RP Clock Controller is a microprocessor based master clock that provides completely automatic control of 4 1independent 24VDC “Reverse Polarity” (RP) minute impulse clock movements. Outputs can be configured for multiple time zones and watch complications. Available with different design battery packs or mains power supply and time bases.

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Part Number: CTRL-100A-RP.
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Features include (CTRL-100A):

Multiple Time Zone Clocks
Multiple Time       Zone Clocks
      • Drives 24VDC “Reverse Polarity” (RP) clock movements
      • Multiple Time Zone Clocks
      • Clock hands index from one minute to the next
      • 4 independent output channels
      • Automatically resets clocks after power failures (resets up to 60X speed)
      • Automatically resets clocks for Daylight Saving Time (if required)
      • Precision TXO (Temperature controlled oscillator) Time Base
      • Optional GPS Time Base
      • Optional CDMA (Cell Phone) Time Base
      • 10 Year Battery Backup for Time Base
      • For indoor or outdoor use – Protected to IP65
      • Power supply options: Plug-in Transformer, Mains or Battery Pack
      • Nominal 12VDC (range 9-15VDC)
      • Wide range temperature battery packs operate from -55C (-58F) to +84C(184F)

Additional Features (CTRL-100A-MTD):

      • 4 Independent Time Zones
      • Day of the week (DOW)
      • Day of the month (DOM)
      • Month
      • Moon Phase

1For installations of 5 displays or more use our CTRL-MTZC Control

Additional information available in the documentation tab above.

100A Options

P/NDescriptionDrawing Reference
CTRL-100A-BATTD-Cell Alkaline Battery PackA-15166-1.PDF
CTRL-100A-BATT-LITPackaged Lithium Battery PackA-15207.PDF
CTRL-100A-MTDMultiple Time Zone/Function Control
CTRL-100A-PWR-SPLY-HWHardwired weatherproof enclosure - Universal Input 90-260 VAC - 50/60HZA-14015-1.PDF
CTRL-100A-PWR-SPLY-WWPlug in Power Supply 90-264 VAC 50/60HZ




How to set the time on a 100A Tower Clock Controller
– Use this tutorial when the time on your Clock controller is incorrect (set:time)

How to set your clock hands using a 100A Tower Clock Controller
– Use this tutorial if the time on your clock controller is correct, but the clock hands read a different time (set:hands)

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