E1002 Chime & Hour Strike

E1002 Chime and hour strike standard cabinet

Part Number: CTRL-E1002.
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The Style E1002 Digital Chime system provides amplified audio output of a variety of digital chimes through a digital sound card and amplifier. It works in conjunction with our 99B control. The 99B controller is used as the user interface for programming. Thirty three (33) different types of chimes are available. Chime options are; 1/4 Hour: Chimes will play every 15 minutes, 1/2 Hour: Chimes will play every 30 minutes, Hourly: Chimes will play on the hour only, and Hour Strike: strikes the hour only. Custom factory sounds can be supplied. Chimes operate during a programmable window, with an “ON”, “OFF” & “Quiet Time” option. The “Quiet Time” option plays the chime at a reduced volume (typically between 8:00pm and 11:00pm). E1002PX weatherproof version available for custom installations.

Chime Samples

Hour Strike (MP3)
Kroonstad Sample (MP3)
Westminster (MP3)
Whittington (MP3)
Alouette  (MP3)


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