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99A Control Legacy Product


99A Control (Legacy Product)

Part Number: CTRL-99A.
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Product Description

The Type 99A Clock Controller is a microprocessor based master clock that provides completely automatic control of Electric Time Tower Clock Movements. For newer projects use our Tower Clock Controller Type 99B.

Model Numbers are:

  • CTRL-99A-DM (Dual Motored System)
  • CTRL-99A-DF (Dual Frequency System)
  • CTRL-99A-MI (MI System)
  • CTRL-99A-STOP (Stop Controller)


  •  Automatically resets clocks for daylight saving time (if required)
  • Line Frequency Time Keeping
  • 10 year battery backup for time base
  • For indoor or outdoor use

The 99A control has been replaced by our 99B-OPT, however parts are still available for the 99A control.

If your controller was purchased without the 2007 daylight saving rules – contact us for a chip update.

If your controller displays “batt bad” – contact us for a battery chip (p/n RCM-99A-BATT) update.

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