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100A-RP Clock Controller


The 100A-RP Clock Controller is a microprocessor based master clock that provides completely automatic control of 24VDC “Reverse Polarity” (RP) minute impulse clock movements.
Available with a 3+ year battery pack or plug in transformer.

  • 100A-RP installation
Part Number: CTRL-100A-RP.
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Product Description

Features include:

    • Drives 24VDC “Reverse Polarity” (RP) clock movements
    • Clock hands index from one minute to the next
    • 4 independent output channels
    • Automatically resets clocks after power failures (resets up to 60X speed)
    • Automatically resets clocks for Daylight Saving Time (if required)
    • Precision TXO (Temperature controlled oscillator) Time Base
    • Optional GPS interface for ultimate time keeping accuracy
    • 10 Year Battery Backup for time base
    • For indoor or outdoor use – Protected to IP65
    • Power supply options: Plug-in Transformer or Battery Pack (3 years+ life)
    • Nominal 12VDC (range 9-15VDC)
    • Wide range temperature battery packs operate from -55C (-58F) to +84C(184F)

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