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Waldorf-Astoria in Orlando Florida

Electric Time Company of Medfield MA was honored to be selected as the lobby clock manufacturer for the recently opened Waldorf-Astoria in Orlando Florida . Installed in 2010, the four sided clock is a unique feature in the center of the lobby. Built to create its own legacy, the clock sits atop a mahogany column, […]

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Tiffany & Company – The Woodlands, TX USA

Electric Time Company of Medfield MA USA is pleased to announce the installation of a Custom Two Dial Post Clock for Tiffany & Co at their store in The Woodlands, TX USA. The 40-1/2″ diameter dials feature polished stainless steel Roman numerals and clock hands, and glass dials back-lighted with energy saving LED’s. The clock […]

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MetLife Meadowland Stadium 20 foot Diameter Clock

The MetLife clock was manufactured in collaboration with the wonderful designers at Clickspring Design in New York City. The designers’s sketches were turned into an amazing over-the-top clock by the engineers at Electric Time Company and will wow the Meadowland football fans. The MetLife Meadowland Clock has an outer diameter just over 20′! The clock […]

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FAQ: Roman IIII vs. IV on Clock Dials

Clocks and Time This is an extensive illustrated discussion of the topic. Introduction The following is an edited compendium of various theories, primarily postings to the Clocks Mailing List and to the alt.horology newsgroup in 1995-6 concerning why the Roman IIII is used instead of IV on clock dials. W. I. Milham: “There is a […]

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Tower Clock – Orlando Station – Soweto, South Africa

  From: G.M. Sent: Thursday, November 04, 2010 6:30 AM To: Martina S. Galvin Subject: Orlando Station Clock South Africa Hi Martina We have completed the clock at Orlando Station Soweto. The Electrictime mechanism was installed without a hitch an work first time we switched on. I took this picture from a balloon so that […]

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Wall Street Journal has to say about Old-Style Public Street Clocks

By WILLIAM M. BULKELEY Staff Reporter of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL Their time has come, again. Not so long ago, public clocks appeared doomed in the U.S. Inexorably, they faded from view, replaced with faceless digital readouts on modern facades — or with nothing at all. The watchless were left to their own devices. People […]

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Mendota Heights, MN – LED Color Changing Clock

Mendota Heights LED Color Changing Building Tower Clock Custom clocks for a client in Minnesota, Electric Time in a partnership with the lighting designer manufactured four custom clocks which are interconnected with the projects DMX controlled lighting system. Dials are made of a custom translucent glass and each clock is backlighted with RGB LED lighting […]

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