Tower Clock Restoration Unveiling – McGill University – Montreal Canada

Electric Time Company of Medfield MA USA completed the restoration and installation of the McGill University – Roddick Memorial Gates clocks and bell striking equipment just in time for their October 1st ceremony.

McGill University - Roddick Memorial Gates clock

Led by a ceremonial bagpiper, the group of dignitaries followed the campus path from the Arts Building to the Roddick Memorial Gates and Clock Tower. The Gate was added to McGill University May 28th 1925. Named after Sir Thomas George Roddick (1846-1923), an important figure in Canadian medicine and a McGill graduate, the gate was adorned with a small tower, featuring four tower clocks. The clock movement was originally supplied by Birks & Sons Jewelers, a famous Canadian jeweler.

The four cast bronze clocks were removed and sent to the Electric Time Company factory in Medfield MA for a complete tower clock restoration. They had not functioned correctly for decades. The outer bands of the clocks were sandblasted and repainted. The inner portion of the dials were gold leafed, and the Birks Jewelers logo was added. Electric Time Company clock movements were installed, along with their associated clock controller. The controller also functioned as the time base for the electronic bell hammers which were added to the existing bells. The bells hadn’t rang for longer than anyone could remember!

Dr. Joseph Hanaway, the donor for the restoration project, celebrated his 50th class reunion the weekend of the clock ceremony. He expressed his gratitude for the excellent work done by Gilles McSween of McGill University, Helmut Hargassner of Birks & Sons Jewelers and Thomas Erb and staff of Electric Time Company. A cast bronze plaque will be added inside the tower commemorating these participants and others that had a role in revitalizing the McGill University Roddick Memorial Gates Clock Tower.

The Fall/Winter Issue of the McGill News Alumni Magazine has the entire story.

Roddick Memorial Gates clocks and bell striking equipment
Tower Clock Dedication Ceremony
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