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Street Clock with Craftsmen

Street Clock Restoration – Self Winding Clock Company

In 2021, Electric Time Company was honored to be selected by the Jamaica Center Improvement Association to restore the iconic cast iron street clock located on Jamaica Avenue in Queens, NYC (see 2018 Photo). The clock had fallen into disrepair. It was most likely modified in the 1930’s with a neon advertising clock. On our […]

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Monumental Clock - Bang Sue Central Station in Chatuchak, Bangkok

Monumental Clocks

Monumental Clock manufactured for Bang Sue Central Station in Chatuchak, Bangkok on test outside our factory. A monumental clock is intended to be viewed from a great distance. These huge tower clocks are commonly seen on stadiums, waterfront properties, transit centers, and large skyscrapers. Monumental clocks can be manufactured to promote a brand, a team, […]

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Golf Course Street Clock

Book Your Golf Course Clock

From the historic Greenbrier Old White Golf Course to the breathtaking vistas of Pebble Beach, Electric Time Company has provided post clocks to the most iconic golf clubs imaginable. Golf courses world-wide enjoy the elegance and practicality of Electric Time’s two dial and four dial street clocks. Waiting for your tee time? Check the Electric […]

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Exterior Window Clock

From a Rendering to a Clock…

(… Or, how we designed a 10 foot window clock with RGB lighting) Two years prior to the February 4, 2017 installation, Electric Time Company was asked to prepare a bid on a clock shown only as a rendering in the bid documents. Having just  minor details on which to base our budget, we prepared […]

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