Grand Central Terminal Clock Restoration

Who do you ask to restore one of the world’s most iconic clocks? Electric Time Company of course!

Electric Time Company, Inc. has been working with the New York based Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) on the clocks at Grand Central Terminal1 in Manhattan, NYC, NY. Their clock of historical significance is the Globe or Opal Clock atop the information booth.  The clock was originally designed by the Self Winding Clock Company and built with assistance by the Seth Thomas Clock Company.

Over the past century many changes were made to the Globe clock, dials, movements, etc. The MTA asked Electric Time to update the clock so it would tell time accurately – a necessity in the busy station. The previously installed reverse-polarity movements were removed from the Globe Clock, and it was fitted with custom B28-MI movements.  These movements utilize special extended length shafting to minimize shadows on the faces of the clock.  The movements are centrally mounted with custom adjustable mounting brackets that allow for fine tuning in both movement height and shaft protrusion.  The brackets are secured only by use of the existing structure and mounting holes inside the clock.  In addition, the historical hands were replicated, CAD modeled for perfect balance, and fabricated in our facility.

Two of our engineers spent a night at the station updating the clock movements to work with our automatic clock controller. Our control equipment had been previously retrofitted to handle the station’s many clocks.

On the exterior of the station, perched high atop the Park Ave Viaduct is Grand Central’s Tiffany clock.  Built by Tiffany and Co, this ornate stained glass clock measures 13’ in diameter and is also powered by and controlled by Electric Time components.  Utilizing the original gears and shafting from yesteryear, the #4MI drive unit coupled with the 99B-MI controller keep this historic work of art on time with limited maintenance.

We are proud to keep passengers on schedule – and to continue the tradition of fine horology at Grand Central Terminal. If you’re in NYC check out the Globe Clock or the magnificent Tiffany Clock gracing the façade – you’re in for a treat!

  1. The official name of the iconic transportation hub in New York City is “Grand Central Terminal.” It is a major railway station at 42nd Street and Park Avenue in Midtown Manhattan. While it is commonly referred to as “Grand Central Station” by many people, “Grand Central Terminal” is the accurate and official name for the building. The term “Grand Central Station” often refers to a nearby subway station, adding to the potential confusion in terminology. ↩︎
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