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Electric Time Company's Large Four Dial Washington Street Clock is the perfect decorative clock to enhance a public park, transportation center or University. The four face design lends itself to multiple vantage points and the header plaques make great signage. The design is customizable with your choice of colors, dial markings, hands, lettering and accents.

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16′ 7″ tall 4 Dial LED backlighted Street Clock. Features include:

  • Aluminum Post, Saddle & Header Plaques
  • Nominal 36″ Dial
  • Automatic 99B-MI Control
  • GPS Satellite synchronization
  • Electric Time Company, Inc. Style MI clock movements
  • Translucent acrylic dials backlighted with LEDs
  • Clear Tempered Glass Crystals
  • Photocell Controlled Lighting
  • Aluminum Header Plaques with raised 3/16″ thick aluminum lettering – not vinyl
  • UL & CUL Listed
  • Weatherproof
  • Wide range of dial markings & hand designs
  • Acid etched primer with polyurethane top coat. Finish system tested and passed UV and Salt Spray ASTM test
  • Wide range of colors including Forest Green and Black
  • Gold highlighting
  • Stainless Steel anchor rods with templates included
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • 80 Year Serviceability


  • Custom Color Match
  • Faux Finishes
  • Gold Leaf Highlighting
  • Battery Power using our 100A Controller
  • Color-changing RGB LEDs
  • Custom Dial Graphics and Logos
  • Local Installation and Service
  • Polycarbonate Crystals
  • Aluminum Saddle Plaques with raised 3/16″ thick aluminum lettering – not vinyl
  • Cast Bronze Plaques

Reduced 11’3″ tall version available.

Additional information available in the documentation tab above.



CSI Specifications

Large 4 Dial Washington Street Clock

16′ 7” (505cm)

4 dial post clock.  Aluminum Post, Saddle & Header Plaques. Automatically controlled from the base with 99B-MI automatic tower clock control with GPS satellite synchronization. Translucent  acrylic dials with LED illumination controlled by a photoelectric cell. Black dial markings and hands. Forest green finish with gold highlighting. Single source: Clock and movement to be manufactured by the same company. Options–header plaques with lettering –different dial markings and hands. Clock to be as manufactured by Electric Time Company, Inc., 97 West Street, Medfield, MA, USA (508)-359-4396/(800)-531-2562 FAX (508)-359-4482 – https://www.electrictime.com – sales@electrictime.com

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