Tower Clock Repair – 24 School Street

DSC_0115-MainThe rotating clock at 24 School Street in Boston Massachusetts has a long and interesting history. Manufactured from drawings dated October 16, 1946, the clock started out on the corner of the main office of the Boston Five Cents Savings Bank. The clock had a brief life as a sign for the Borders Bookstore before the building became a Walgreen’s location in 2013. Electric Time Company was proud to be selected to refurbish the clock and rotator and get it back to working order. The clock sports new Electric Time clock movements and control equipment, new translucent dials and state-of-the-art LED illumination.

Other than adding a new Walgreen’s logo, the clock has been restored to its former glory. Instead of the former dark bronze finish, the newly restored clock sports a rich gold finish to highlight the building’s new tenant. The upscale Walgreen’s emporium contains a gourmet food section, full-service salon, liquor store and of course – a pharmacy.

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