Smithsonian Time and Navigation Exhibition Features Electric Time Company Clock

When the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum needed a clock at the entrance to their new Time and Navigation Exhibition, Electric Time Company was selected. Clear clock hands, edged in gold, with gold tails, are featured on the entrance sign to the exhibit. Working with the creative designers at Capitol Exhibit Service of Virginia, we were given the task of supplying a working custom clock that integrates with animated features – planes, submarines, etc.

From the Air & Space Museum’s The Daily Planet – “If you want to know where you are, or if you want to know where you’re going, you need a reliable clock,” said Carlene Stephens, a curator at the National Museum of American History, which houses the Smithsonian’s collection of clocks and contributed to the exhibit. Appropriately, visitors enter the exhibit by walking under a beautiful blue and gold clock, in the “spirit of the early and truly magnificent European clocks,” says exhibit designer Heidi Eitel.

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