Tower Clock Restoration – Union Station – Springfield, IL

Tower-Clock-Restoration-Union-Station-Large Electric Time Company was pleased to be selected by White & Borgognoni Architects, P.C. and Halverson Construction Co. as the tower clock restoration experts for the Union Station Clock Tower. Working with historic drawings discovered by White & Borgognoni Architects, P.C., and old postcards and photographs – Electric Time recreated the four dials of the historic clock tower. The silhouette style tower clocks are 8′ in diameter and fabricated in aluminum with gold leafed numerals and hands. For accurate time keeping the tower clocks are controlled by a GPS receiver. A Westminster Chime and hour strike system was also provided.

The original 110’ tall clock tower was built in 1889 and removed in 1946. The current restoration and reconstruction was completed in March 2007. The restored Union Station is now a visitors center located across the street from the Abraham Lincoln Museum and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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