Quality is #1

Electric Time Company, a tower clock manufacturer founded in 1928 by Henry Warren, would like to take this opportunity to express how thankful we are for the skilled craftspeople in our factory, our talented engineers, and the knowledgeable people in our office.

Gold leaf applied on a cast iron tower clock dial in a tower clock manufacturing facility
Gold leaf being applied to a metal tower clock face in our manufacturing facility

Quality is Electric Time’s number one concern. We want our customers to have the most well designed and constructed tower clock possible. Every step of the process in creating a clock should reassure you that you have selected the best possible tower clock manufacturer.

Tower Clock Canister manufacture
Tower Clock canister being fabricated

Selection of a tower clock begins in the design phase. Electric Time has standard clock styles as a starting point. We can also customize these standard styles or provide one-of-a-kind designs. Our engineers will work with you, providing drawings and renderings, to make the installation and operation of the clock work for you. Allow our superb customer service team to guide you along the way; providing you with drawings, data sheets and materials to help your design and decision process.

Electric Time Company is the tower clock manufacturer of choice for installations world-wide. It has been our pleasure to provide quality timepieces for amusement parks, golf courses, schools, banks and residences, among others. We are known in the industry for manufacturing our own clock movements and control equipment, as well as the clocks. Our equipment is Made in the USA and we take great pride in the quality clock equipment produced by our factory.

Square Support Bracket for a Tower Clock being manufactured
Craftsman welding a tower clock frame
Exterior Clock Control being manufactured
Tower Clock Control being assembled

Thank you to our employees and to you, our customers. We celebrate our return customers and welcome our new ones. Every day brings us an interesting discussion about clocks and we couldn’t be happier.

Tower clock manufacture videos

Assembly Process

Silhouette clock manufacturing process

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