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Opening Day.

Spring has arrived. We can shake off the winter doldrums, step out into the sunshine and enjoy our favorite pastime – baseball! Go Team!

Wrigley Field Scoreboard Clock

Wrigley Field-Scoreboard Clock Installed 1941

Nothing beats that first step out of the depths of a dark stadium and up into the bright light of the stands – the first sighting of the bright green turf and the Electric Time Company scoreboard clock. Huh? How did the clock get in that vision? Its true. Electric Time is a big part of Major League and Minor League Scoreboards – plus University Baseball and Softball Fields, Little League Fields, etc.

Baseball clocks are a favorite among our staff. We love creating a clock that becomes part of a ballpark or field. Each batter awaits the pitch hoping that they can crush it and hit the clock. Thankfully the scoreboards are typically too far away to hit!

From the fabled Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois, USA to the super cool AT&T Park in San Francisco, CA, USA to our fabulous new “homeplate” shaped clock at the Northridge HS Baseball Field in Tuscaloosa, AL, USA we are proud to provide great looking, iconic clocks at hundreds of venues world-wide.

Shake out your baseball cap, prepare to inhale the warm aroma of hot dogs and crunch a bunch of peanuts. Get ready to cheer on your hometown team. You will always have the correct time with an Electric Time Scoreboard Clock. Play Ball!

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