Outdoor Clock Movement

25’ diameter – The Waverly – South Beach – Miami, FL USA

Outdoor Clock Movement
#7MI Tower Clock Movement

Electric Time worked with the architectural firm Arquitectonica  to manufacture a 30′ diameter (7.6 meter) Tower Clock. The project is located on South Beach in Miami, FL, USA. The clock has survived multiple hurricanes without an interruption.

The tower clock movement is massive – it’s our Type #7 outdoor clock movement which weighs approximately 1700 lbs. The mechanism has shafts made of stainless steel; the hour hand sleeve is 4-3/4″ (12 cm) in diameter and the minute hand shaft is 3-1/4″ (8 cm)  in diameter.

The mechanism was too large to test using our normal method. Instead, we drilled a hole in the wall of our building for the clock movement shafting, and brought in a crane to lift the hands.

Our mechanical engineer went on site to supervise the installation and verify proper operation.


Contact Electric Time for your next project that requires a large outdoor clock movement.

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