From a Rendering to a Clock…

(… Or, how we designed a 10 foot window clock with RGB lighting)

Two years prior to the February 4, 2017 installation, Electric Time Company was asked to prepare a bid on a clock shown only as a rendering in the bid documents. Having just  minor details on which to base our budget, we prepared a quote for a fairly standard silhouette clock. That quote turned into a very special window clock.

Denver Colorado’s The York on City Park 10 ft diameter window clock was designed and manufactured by Electric Time. The actual fabrication was done in approximately two months once the design work was completed. The interior glass window is surrounded by a ring of RGB LED’s that will change color as desired. The illumination has a solid back panel to prevent light reaching the interior of the room. In addition to the clock itself, the dial markings or numbers were custom designed for the owners. The owners were able to select everything – even the colors.

Watch the video of the installation below. See how The York on City Park window clock was hoisted up by a crane out of its custom crate. The clock was fitted into the building and fastened into the wall. Interestingly, the installation video was done by a drone.

Won’t this be a fabulous clock for someone’s living room?!

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