Tower Clock Restoration – Harvard Byerly Hall – 76 years longevity

Happy birthday dear tower clock, happy birthday to you! Where were you in 1932? Milk was fourteen cents a quart, the average yearly salary was $1,368.00, Franklin D. Roosevelt was President, a gallon of gas cost ten cents and Harvard University installed an Electric Time Company tower clock on Byerly Hall.

What is the life expectancy of our tower clocks? Lets use the exterior clock at Harvard’s Byerly Hall as an example. Their flush mounted Electric Time Company exterior clock was installed in 1932. After 76 years of continuous operation we supplied a replacement clock movement (the same movement they originally were using) and a new pair of hands (although the old hands would have worked just fine). The new equipment has been in place for 4 years without a hitch. Electric Time Company supports their legacy equipment and still produces replacement clock equipment for decades old clocks. Now that is commitment to our customers!

Tower Clock Historical Style 4600 Installation Harvard University
Historical Style 4600 Tower Clock Installation – Harvard University
Tower Clock Historical Style 4600 Restoration Harvard University
Harvard University Style 4600 Tower Clock Restoration – Cambridge, MA

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