Electric Time Company, the Tower Clock Restoration Experts – Brown University

Once again Electric Time Company has been called upon to provide a complete Tower Clock restoration. Brown University in Providence Rhode Island asked us to restore their iconic Aldrich Field tower clocks for their new Aquatics and Fitness Center.

The four 6’ diameter tower clocks had seen better days. Aided by historic photographs, the cast dials were stripped and repainted using their original color scheme. The broken glass panels were recreated and reinstalled. Reproduction hands were manufactured to replace the missing and broken hands. Updated lighting was added to provide a nice even glow in the evening. The four clocks were fitted with Electric Time Company C1-MI tower clock movements and equipped with our 99B-MI automatic clock controller for years of maintenance free use.

Restored Tower Clock in our Factory

image (30)


image (31)

Original Tower Clock in Storage and in pieces

image (32)

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