What is a rod tail on a (tower clock) clock hand?

A rod tail is a cylindrical extension on the end of a clock hand, used to counterbalance the clock hand. Typically it extends from the center of the hand to the end or tail. In many cases it’s finished to match the color of the clock dial that it is mounted over, alternatively, it’s the same color as the body of the clock hand. In some special cases, it has a special finish, such as polished brass. Clock hands are balanced to alleviate excessive wear on the tower clock movement.

Clock hands can also be balanced using hidden counterweights on the tails of the clock hands. The object of balanced clock hands is for the center-to-tip portion of the clock hand to weigh the same amount as the center-to-tail portion, thus being perfectly balanced at the point where they are attached to the clock movement.

Tower Clock hands with rod tails
Example rod tail matching the lighted dial
Clock hands with rod tails
Tower Clock hands with tails same color as the body of the hands.

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