Bill Nye the Science Guy Visits His Solar Noon Indicator Tower Clock at Electric Time Company

Bill Nye, a 1977 graduate of Cornell University in Ithaca NY, and world famous scientist and teacher, has presented his alma mater with an Electric Time Company clock featuring a Solar Noon Indicator. The 10’ diameter clock has been over 10 years in the making – a collaborative effort with Electric Time Company, Bill Nye and the students of Cornell University.

Using Bill’s initial design drawings, Electric Time Company created a clock to accommodate solar noon indicator equipment. A large polished tube is connected from the back of the clock dial to the roof of the building. On the end of the tube at the roof are shutters that open to accept light from the sun when it is at its highest point of the day – solar noon. The sun on the face of the clock dial illuminates brightly at solar noon.

Bill Nye’s interest in solar noon and timekeeping stems from his father’s and mother’s love of science and sundials. To see more on this topic, click here.

Bill Nye at Electric Time Company Factory in Medfield, Massachusetts

image (24)

Tower Clock Installation

image (25)

Tower Clock at Solar Noon

image (26)

Tower Dedication Ceremony

image (27)

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