Bang Sue Central Station – Tower Clock

Electric Time Company, Inc. of Medfield, MA, USA, tower clock manufacturer since 1928, is pleased to share the creation of a 20 ft (6.1m) diameter canister clock for the new Bang Sue Central Station in Chatuchak, Bangkok, Thailand. When it opens in January 2021 it will be the largest railway station in Southeast Asia. The station will have 26 platforms and is 274,192 square meters (899,580 square ft/20 acres).

The tower clock is located in the arch of the main entrance. It features the Thai number nine to honor the memory of H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX), the ninth monarch of the Chakri Dynasty.

Work on the clock design began in September of 2015. The spectacular creation features an LED backlit dial with raised aluminum hour markers and the Thai number nine. The aluminum canister is mounted on a sturdy steel bracket. The balanced aluminum hands are fitted to an Electric Time Company #5 Tower Clock Movement and accurately tell time using Electric Time’s state of the art automatic clock controller.

Fabrication on the clock took approximately five months and involved many of our skilled and talented craftspeople and engineers. Approximately 7,500 lbs or 4 tons of material, including 600 ft of LED’s were used in the process. After fabrication and testing of the clock was completed, it was disassembled into large pieces, crated, and flown to Bangkok.

The clock was then reassembled by skilled Thai craftmen with direction of one of Electric Time’s engineers. Prior to installing the clock on the façade a ceremony commemorating his royal grace Rama IX was held to honor this important landmark. Installation was completed in October 2019.

Electric Time Company, Inc. is privileged to have been selected to collaborate on the design, and manufacture this one-of-a-kind iconic clock for the people of Thailand. Our thanks to the architects, engineers and contractors we have worked with on the project from Thailand’s Unique Engineering and Construction Public Company Ltd.

Time Lapse video of Bang Sue Clock on test

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