Portland Street Clock Restoration

by Administrator 18. September 2013 12:16
Cast Iron Street Clock Restoration

Electric Time Company was pleased to be called on to restore one of its own cast iron street clocks.

Originally manufactured in the early 1970’s, the clock had been a victim of its city location.

The Rotary Club of Portland spearheaded the restoration project with assistance from the business community.

The clock has been reinstalled and is once again telling time for the downtown Portland square.

Read more about the project from the Portland Press Herald

Photograph below 1970s installation

Street Clock Portland 1970s

Rotary Street Clocks

by Administrator 18. April 2012 12:43

Electric Time Company is proud to serve as a Rotary International Licensed Vendor. We can provide the Rotary International “Wheel” Logo on our street clocks and tower clocks. Cast bronze plaques are the perfect option for the Four Questions. Please contact our sales department to see how your club can provide a rotary street clock as a lasting gift to the community.

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