Portland Street Clock Restoration

by Administrator 18. September 2013 12:16
Cast Iron Street Clock Restoration

Electric Time Company was pleased to be called on to restore one of its own cast iron street clocks.

Originally manufactured in the early 1970’s, the clock had been a victim of its city location.

The Rotary Club of Portland spearheaded the restoration project with assistance from the business community.

The clock has been reinstalled and is once again telling time for the downtown Portland square.

Read more about the project from the Portland Press Herald

Photograph below 1970s installation

Street Clock Portland 1970s

It’s Time for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

by Administrator 20. November 2012 12:47
Macy's Exterior Clock


Happy Holidays from all of us at Electric Time Company. We wish you all the best this holiday season.

Pictured left: Macy’s Flagship Store – Herald Square – New York City, NY, USA. Clock restoration and redesign. Exterior, three-sided clock with LED backlit 6’ glass clock dials. Raised dial markings. Gear detail behind dials. Completed October 2012.

We will be closed on Thursday November 22 and Friday November 23 in observance of Thanksgiving.












Tower Clock Restoration - Union Station - Springfield, IL

by Administrator 6. August 2012 22:14

Tower Clock Restoration - Union Station - Springfield, Illinois Electric Time Company was pleased to be selected by White & Borgognoni Architects, P.C. and Halverson Construction Co. as the tower clock restoration experts for the Union Station Clock Tower. Working with historic drawings discovered by White & Borgognoni Architects, P.C., and old postcards and photographs - Electric Time recreated the four dials of the historic clock tower. The silhouette style tower clocks are 8' in diameter and fabricated in aluminum with gold leafed numerals and hands. For accurate time keeping the tower clocks are controlled by a GPS receiver. A Westminster Chime and hour strike system was also provided. The original 110’ tall clock tower was built in 1889 and removed in 1946. The current restoration and reconstruction was completed in March 2007. The restored Union Station is now a visitors center located across the street from the Abraham Lincoln Museum and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Church Clock Medway Community Church

by Administrator 4. July 2012 15:20

8' diameter ( 2.5  meter) Church Clock installation in Medway Massachusetts USA 
Electric Time Company of Medfield, Massachusetts USA has retro-fitted new hand hubs on the existing gold leafed clock hands at the Medway Community Church of Medway, Massachusetts for use with their new Style C1G3 Church Clock Movements. The installation also has a 99B-MI automatic church clock controller that will reset the church clocks after a power outage and for the bi-annual Daylight Saving Time change. The church steeple was struck by lightning in 2009 and was partially destroyed by the ensuing fire. It had suffered prior lightning damage in 1945 and during the Hurricane of 1938 which caused widespread destruction throughout the northeast United States.


Tower Clock Restoration - Harvard Byerly Hall - 76 years longevity

by Administrator 27. February 2012 16:04

Happy birthday dear tower clock, happy birthday to you! Where were you in 1932? Milk was fourteen cents a quart, the average yearly salary was $1,368.00, Franklin D. Roosevelt was President, a gallon of gas cost ten cents and Harvard University installed an Electric Time Company tower clock on Byerly Hall.

What is the life expectancy of our tower clocks? Lets use the exterior clock at Harvard’s Byerly Hall as an example. Their flush mounted Electric Time Company exterior clock was installed in 1932. After 76 years of continuous operation we supplied a replacement clock movement (the same movement they originally were using) and a new pair of hands (although the old hands would have worked just fine). The new equipment has been in place for 4 years without a hitch. Electric Time Company supports their legacy equipment and still produces replacement clock equipment for decades old clocks. Now that is commitment to our customers!

Tower Clock Restoration 1932 Image Tower Clock Restoration 2009 Image

Electric Time Company, the Tower Clock Restoration Experts - Brown University

by Administrator 3. February 2012 16:25


Once again Electric Time Company has been called upon to provide a complete Tower Clock restoration. Brown University in Providence Rhode Island asked us to restore their iconic Aldrich Field tower clocks for their new Aquatics and Fitness Center. 

 The four 6’ diameter tower clocks had seen better days. Aided by historic photographs, the cast dials were stripped and repainted using their original color scheme. The broken glass panels were recreated and reinstalled. Reproduction hands were manufactured to replace the missing and broken hands. Updated lighting was added to provide a nice even glow in the evening. The four clocks were fitted with Electric Time Company C1-MI tower clock movements and equipped with our 99B-MI automatic clock controller for years of maintenance free use. 

Restored Tower Clock in our Factory





Original Tower Clock in Storage and in pieces 

Street Clock Restoration for an Iconic Piece of New York City

by Administrator 10. November 2011 16:16


Electric Time Company is proud to announce the restoration of the iconic 200 Fifth Avenue Street Clock. The historic gold painted clock has been seen on everything from the opening of the David Letterman Show to decades old photographs of the nearby Flatiron Building.  Sponsored by Tiffany & Co, the restoration process was done with the approval of the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission. The process of restoring the clock to its former beauty took over 8 months to accomplish. This sculptural masterpiece is ready to face its next century providing the time to passersby in Madison Square.


Street Clock Restoration - Steinway Street - Queens New York City

by Administrator 11. June 2011 09:59

Electric Time Company of Medfield MA USA completed the restoration and installation of the Steinway Street Clock located in the Borough of Queens New York City. The restoration was sponsored  by the  Central Astoria LDC.

The  clock  was originally made  by the Howard Clock Company of  Boston, MA was restored to it’s original design - with a watch bezel and winder.  This clock design is also available new.


Before                                                                                After

Street Clock Restoration

Tower Clock Restoration Unveiling - McGill University - Montreal Canada

by Administrator 18. October 2010 10:26

Electric Time Company of Medfield MA USA completed the restoration and installation of the McGill University – Roddick Memorial Gates clocks and bell striking equipment just in time for their October 1st ceremony.

Tower Clock Restoration


Led by a ceremonial bagpiper, the group of dignitaries followed the campus path from the Arts Building to the Roddick Memorial Gates and Clock Tower. The Gate was added to McGill University May 28th 1925. Named after Sir Thomas George Roddick (1846-1923), an important figure in Canadian medicine and a McGill graduate, the gate was adorned with a small tower, featuring four tower clocks. The clock movement was originally supplied by Birks & Sons Jewelers, a famous Canadian jeweler.

The four cast bronze clocks were removed and sent to the Electric Time Company factory in Medfield MA for a complete tower clock restoration. They had not functioned correctly for decades. The outer bands of the clocks were sandblasted and repainted. The inner portion of the dials were gold leafed, and the Birks Jewelers logo was added. Electric Time Company clock movements were installed, along with their associated clock controller. The controller also functioned as the time base for the electronic bell hammers which were added to the existing bells. The bells hadn’t rang for longer than anyone could remember!

Dr. Joseph Hanaway, the donor for the restoration project, celebrated his 50th class reunion the weekend of the clock ceremony. He expressed his gratitude for the excellent work done by Gilles McSween of McGill University, Helmut Hargassner of Birks & Sons Jewelers and Thomas Erb and staff of Electric Time Company. A cast bronze plaque will be added inside the tower commemorating these participants and others that had a role in revitalizing the McGill University Roddick Memorial Gates Clock Tower.

The Fall/Winter Issue of the McGill News Alumni Magazine has the entire story.